King Country - a brief rugby history

Founded: 1922
Colours: Jersey: Gold & Maroon Shorts: White Socks: Maroon & Gold
Main Grounds: Owen Delany Park, Taupo & Rugby Park, Te Kuiti
President: L Max Lamb
Chairman: Ivan C Haines
CEO: Susan M Youngman



King Country NPC/Heartland Results 1976 - 2018 (PDF)   Updated 8/4/19

King Country v's Others Stats (PDF)                 Updated 8/4/19

King Country NPC/Heartland Statistics 1976 - 2018 (PDF)   Updated 8/4/19

King Country Non Championship Statistics 1976 - 2018  (PDF)   Updated 8/4/19

Stats & other Info on King Country Players 1976 - 2016 (PDF)   Updated 3/6/17

3 or more tries in the same game (PDF)               Updated 8/4/19

Players who have scored in all 4 ways in same game (PDF)

Coaches coaching records (PDF)            Updated 9/4/19

Since 1976 (the start of the NPC) King Country has won the 2nd Division once, in 1991. This gained them promotion to the 1st Division, where they stayed for five years. They then went back to the 2nd Division and then the 3rd Division until the advent of the Meads & Lochore Cups. Their best result so far was to win the final of the Lochore Cup in 2015.

The most appearances is by Paul Mitchell (147) from 1988 - 2001.
The most points scored is by Hutana Coffin (917) from 1984 - 1995.
The most tries scored is by Murray Kidd (46) from 1974 - 1984.

In 2016 King Country finished 6th in the Heartland Championship round robin series and lost the final of the Lochore Cup.

The 2017 coach is Daniel Alofa.

Clubs that form the Union are:

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Club Name   Founded   Colours
Referees   Jersey:
Bush United   Jersey: Black & Red Shorts: Socks:
Kio Kio United   Jersey: Red & Black Shorts: Socks:
Pio Pio   Jersey: Forest Green & Gold Shorts: Socks:
Taumarunui   Jersey: Red & Black Shorts: Socks:
Taumarunui Districts   Jersey: Shorts: Socks:
Taupo Sports   Jersey: Black & White Shorts: Socks:
Taupo United   Jersey: Red & Black Shorts: Socks:
Tongariro   Jersey: Red, Black & White Shorts: Socks:
Waitete   Jersey: Royal Blue & White Shorts: Socks:
Waitomo   Jersey: Emerald Green & Black Shorts: Socks: