Wairarapa Bush

Founded: 1886
Colours: Jersey: Green with Red stripes Shorts: Green with Red stripes Socks: Green with Red top
Main Ground: Memorial Park, Masterton
President: Brian A Weatherstone
Chairman: Jason N Carruthers
CEO: A R Tony Hargood

Website:                  waibush.co.nz


Wairarapa Bush Rugby Results 1975 - 2019 (PDF)   Updated 6/6/20

Order of Merit 1975 - 2019 (PDF's)            New 9/6/20
50 or more Games played
10 or more Tries scored: per game
100 or Points scored: per game

Wairarapa Bush v's Others Stats (PDF)              Updated 7/6/20

Wairarapa Bush NPC/Heartland Statistics 1975 - 2019 (PDF)   Updated 6/6/20

Wairarapa Bush Non Championship Statistics 1975 - 2019 (PDF)   Updated 6/6/20

Coaches coaching record (PDF)        Updated 6/6/20

Since 1976 (the start of the NPC) Wairarapa Bush 2nd Division (North Island) competition , once in 1981. They then played in the 1st Division for the next 6 years with their best result 4th in 1985. In 2005 they won the 2nd Division, in 2006 they won the Meads Cup & in 2010 they won the Lochore Cup.

The most appearances is by Gary McGlashan (132) from 1971 - 1983.
The most points scored is by Patrick Harding-Rimene (561) from 1999 - 2008.
The most tries scored is by Mike Foster (43) from 1984 - 1992.

Clubs that form the Union are:
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Club Name   Founded   Colours
Referees  1974 Jersey: White with Green & Red trim Shorts: Green Socks: Green with Red Top
Bush   Jersey: Shorts: Socks:
Carterton   Jersey: Shorts: Socks:
East Coast  1953 Jersey:  Candy & White hoops Shorts: Socks:
Eketahuna  1889 Jersey: Black & Yellow stripes Shorts: Black Socks: Black & Yellow stripes
Featherston   Jersey: Shorts: Socks:
Gladstone  1902 Jersey: Yellow with Black trim Shorts: Black Socks: Black with 3 Yellow stripes
Greytown   Jersey: Shorts: Socks:
Marist   Jersey: Shorts: Socks:
Martinborough  1904 Jersey: Green & Black hoops Shorts: Black Socks: Green & Black hoops
Pioneer   Jersey: Shorts: Socks:
Puketoi   Jersey: Green & Gold stripes Shorts: Black Socks: Green & Gold stripes
Red Star   Jersey: Shorts: Socks:
Tuhirangi   Jersey: Shorts: Socks: