Michael Laurence Fitzgibbon

First names: 
Michael Laurence
Known by: 
New Zealand

1991: Canterbury v Fiji. (1)
1993: Southland v B & I Lions. (1)
1994: Bay of Plenty v Sth Africa. (1)
1995: Canada v Sth Island XV. (1)

Total: 4

Provincial record: 

1976: Nelson Bays v Canterbury XV. (1)
1981: West Coast v Sth Canterbury. (1)
1982: Canterbury v Marlborough. (1)
1983: Nth Otago v Nelson Bays. (1)
1984: Sth Canterbury v Southland. (1)
1985: Marlborough v Hawkes Bay; Southland v Wellington. (2)
1986: Auckland v NSW; Mid Canterbury v Marlborough; Southland v Otago. (3)
1987: Nth Otago v Thames Vly. (1)
1988: Canterbury v Auckland; Mid Canterbury v Southland; Otago v Bay of Plenty. (3)
1989: Auckland v Bay of Plenty; Nth Harbour v Northland; Wellington v Auckland; Wellington v Queensland; Wellington v Nth Harbour. (5)
1990: Auckland v Wellington; Otago v Southland; Otago v Bay of Plenty; Wellington v Northland; NZ Trial. (5)
1991: Auckland v Wellington; Marlborough v Sth Canterbury; Nth Harbour v Taranaki; Otago v Waikato; Otago v Nth Harbour; Probables v Possibles. (6)
1992: Canterbury v Queensland; Hawkes Bay v Wellington; King Country v Auckland; Nth Harbour v Wellington; Southland v England B. (5)
1993: Canterbury v Western Province; Nth Otago v Auckland; Otago v Taranaki; Wellington v King Country; Late Trial. (5)
1994: Canterbury v Eastern Province; Mid Canterbury v NZ Maori; Otago v Counties M; Waikato v Manawatu. (4)
1995: Nth Harbour v Waikato; Otago v Southland; Canterbury XV v NZ Rugby Supporters Club XV. (3)

Total: 47