Super Rugby Stats for Virtual Rugby Bets!

Do you compete in Virtual rugby games in New Zealand, Australia or South Africa? Are you looking at sports betting on Super Rugby games?

Then this single page of the most important statistics from 18 years of Super Rugby, which I have compiled, is sure to help you.

If you understand that 18 years of results will show that certain teams have a greater chance of beating other teams, then you are more likely to pick that team to be a winner. If each week you could see the potential then the odds for sports betting will be far more favourable!

When you have to make Virtual picks each week, then the odds would surely be improved by making more informed picks.

If you consider my statistical information would be of value to you, then make me an offer for it! - please contact me.

There are three parts to the statistical page.

Part 1 shows the average points, over the 18 years, (for & against) of every team against every other team.
For example: Lions at Home to Western Force:     19.8 v 24.4

Part 2 shows the the number of Wins, Draws & Losses of each team against every other team.
For example: Lions at Home to Western Force:      1/1/3  =  1 W, 1 Draw, 3 Losses

Part 3 shows the number of games of each team against every other team where the score differential was within 1-12 or was 13+.   (Draws don't count.)
For example: Lions at Home to Western Force:       3 - 1 = scores in 3 games at 1-12 & 1 game at 13+

In all three cases the stats. show the home side scores only. (The away results are just the reverse of the home results, or in the case of Part 3 they are identical of course).