Thanks for this great work. I hope you can soon raise the funding you need to expand these rugby records. 

Just wanted to drop you a line to say that Trevor Howard from New Zealand Rugby has advised me/us (fellow REO’s) of your website. I have had the chance to go through it and must say that you have done an outstanding job in collating and publishing this information. I have, in turn, shared it with all my referees in my regions (for which there are a number of referees in your data base) and I have nothing but praise and complements for what you have done.

Often referees (and players) simply drop off the system and the only records are in books and word of mouth (especially the less known personnel) but for them (and me), to search through and find our names and details of our 1st class accomplishment is very flattering and a sense of pride is established as we show our children or colleagues/friends of years gone by. Of course this is helped by the ease of access (as opposed to searching through books and magazines).

Thanks again for your efforts (for which I can only imagine are enormous) and I hope you continue to enter the details and expand your website.

John Dustow (JD)
Referee Education Officer (REO)
Counties Manukau Rugby Football Union/Thames Valley Rugby Football Union.

Hi, Kerry,
Your rugbyhistory website is amazing! I don't think there is a more complete source of rugby information in the world, not just on the internet. I've recommended it to several of my rugby-mad mates, who all return with glowing reviews. Have you ever thought of joining the National Rugby Museum in Palmerston North?
If I were to make a suggestion, I would like to see the match dates & venues alongside each result. It might settle a few debates on whether X fixture was on the 18th or 19th of September 1982, for instance, or whether Team Y has played in Town Z etc. If it's too much of a hassle, don't worry about it; you've already put truckloads of work into the site already!
Thanks, Samuel

Hi Kerry

I’ve been meaning to drop you a line for a while after literally stumbling across your website in a Google search.

Since I was a kid I’ve been a bit of a sports stats geek – over the years I have progressed from A4 exercise books with scribbles and cross-outs, to Word and Excel – much more user friendly and secure.  My stats have always been my own hobby and pleasure and never shared with anybody.

Your website is nothing short of phenomenal, I can’t begin to imagine the time and research that has gone into it.  As a resource for not only NZ rugby supporters, but statisticians round the world, it is second to none.  I have yet to come across a site that offers so many easily searchable players and team stats in one area.

The one thing that struck me in doing my own NPC stats research is the vast number of players whose career is limited to one game (or part game) for a minor union.   But there they are on NZ Rugby History, with their details recorded exactly the same as a Carter or a McCaw. 

Your website is a priceless asset to the NZ rugby fabric, and I can only hope that you can access some kind of sponsorship or support of some kind from NZ Rugby or other avenues.  It needs to be treasured and nurtured as it grows to a complete historic record of our game.

Paul Thomas

Firstly, this is an awesome website – love all the work you’ve done. It’s a real bonus especially to those of us who never collected Rugby Almanack etc.
So awesome to see my own name in there – but you’ve missed one NZU game – I played 3 – Full 80’s against Scotland & Uruguay and as a replacement vs France in the semi final.
Every game counts when we’re old, lol!
Pat J Stevens

Kerry - great website on rugby - just a comment your player information for Ken J Tarrant (brother) South Canterbury is incorrect. It says he played 29 games I think you will find it was around 69 from early 70s to late 70s.
Steve Tarrant
(170 games over 14 seasons for Sth Canterbury & Southland)

Kerry's note: Thanks Steve, this will be corrected once I go back earlier than 1975.

I would like to thank Kerry for his Rugby History website. The site is very easy to use. The information it has provided me with for an article I am researching for the Rugby Statistician's Magazine has proved invaluable.

Dave Hall

Just came across your site Kerry. It’s fabulous. Very informative and excellent reading. Thank you for your commitment to the history of New Zealand Rugby. Your site is one of the best in rugby history and overall (as a trustworthy web-based history site) goes to the top of the class. 
My only concern is to let all the rugby fans know they can trust your amazing site.

Kindest regards, Anne Phillips


It gives me great pleasure to write this character reference about this website. There would not be a person in this country who doesn’t know that rugby is the national game of New Zealand. The passion runs deep and the profile and exposure of the sport is without peer. A fair chunk of our heroes come from the game and nothing affects the mental psychology of the people more than rugby. Not even politics.

Because of this rich feeling, discussions in society are often based around the game and on the players involved. Memories tend to play tricks on people. They can fade and forget and get things muddled up. For nearly 90 years New Zealand rugby enthusiasts have been superbly served by the Rugby Almanack. It remains the definitive source of information from each season despite the advancement of technology.

However, we must accept that technology has advanced and like rugby, we therefore need to embrace the good that comes with that change. www.rugbyhistory.co.nz is the best rugby history site that is available. It provides comprehensive records of the All Blacks, all the Super rugby sides and most impressively of all, places a large emphasis on the national provincial competition, which remains such a crucial part of the fabric in New Zealand.

Kery Geertson’s dedication to this growing rugby treasure can not be denied. It continues to grow, mature and impress. To paraphrase the late, great Terry McLean www.rugbyhistory.co.nz should be stored as a favourite website for every rugby lover; it provides facts and fairness and hours of one of life’s greatest pleasures – browsing.

Grant Hassall
Wannabe Rugby Historian
New Plymouth

I have seen the development of the website http://www.rugbyhistory.co.nz/ over the past 12 months and genuinely believe it has the potential to become the online portal for rugby history and statistics in New Zealand. Outside of the Rugby Almanack there is nowhere that rugby followers can go to gain such information, and there is certainly nowhere online that comes close to the level of detail that Kerry’s website provides.

With a bit of support I think http://www.rugbyhistory.co.nz/ can become the most comprehensive rugby database in the country, and in the process protect the legacy of our national game.

Hamish Forsman
Waikato Rugby Union Media Executive & Historian

Hi Kerry
I just came across your website ......it is amazing.
Michael O'Dwyer
Tipperary, Ireland


We are burying a good friend and ex-southland rugby player this Friday in Invercargill with many of the local rugby men that feature on your site (we have checked!) no doubt will be attending also. We just happened to be googling his name to see if any rugby info came up and your history site came up from that. It was great to see how many games he had played and when.
A wonderful source of information. Keep up the great work.

Kind regards,
Jo MacDonald